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Many Options, Aglaonema ( Chinese Evergreen Plants)

Respected for its large, beautiful, colorful leaves and easy care, Chinese evergreen plants are often suggested by people who believe they do not have a green thumb. Their low maintenance needs and their ability to adapt to a variety of conditions make them ideal for beginners of houseplants. Buy Aloe Vera Indoor Plant Online In India

Care Steps of Aglaonema Plants

1. Aglaonema plants, thrive in the shady forests of Southeast Asia. There are more than 20 known species, varying in their leaf patterns and colors.

2. Cultivars are available with white, yellow, or pink stripes and red dots. Scroll through the pictures above and take a look at the many different colors and patterns found in our greenhouse.

3. Chinese Evergreens plants ,Aglaonema will tolerate a wide range of light conditions from very low to very light, but not in direct sunlight. Besides adding a decorative element to any space in your home, Chinese evergreen is also powerful when it comes to cleaning your indoor air.

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4. For years NASA scientists have been studying how plants can clean the atmosphere in space, and the results are amazing. In some controlled conditions, certain plants were able to emit up to 82 percent of the air in 24 hours.

5. Chinese evergreen, Aglaonema is among the top 50 in B.C. Wolverton's list of indoor air purifiers. Therefore, take a deep breath and look no further than this beautiful, sturdy and easy-to-care plant.

TIP: How can you determine the conditions of low light? Ask yourself if you can read a book comfortably without lighting up the area where you will dry the plant. If you are trying to say yes, you will need to choose a plant that will survive under low light conditions.

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