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4 Things That Your Plant Needs To Grow

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just show your new Fiddle Leaf Fig to any room in your house and forget about it… Sadly, it takes a lot of work to keep your houseplants happy, but don't worry, it's very easy.

Here Are 4 Things Given Below :-

1. Water

Derrrr I hear you say. Okay, but do you know how smart pants are and how often? Here's a simple guide you can make: once a week, dig your finger 2 inches into the soil of your houseplant. Dry? Give her water. Is it still wet? Leave him for a few more days and try again. Visit Here to Buy Indoor Plants Online In India

2. Light

All indoor plants will need sunlight, filtered light, low light or combination. Still confused? Here is a simple classification of the various light sources you will often see on your home care card. Direct sunlight: there should be no barrier between the plant and the light source, which means your plant should be in a sunny window where the sun's rays strike.

3. Food

Of course, most of the time they are completely happy with life in the water and air but in the warmer months, we all want to indulge in something very powerful. Give your houseplants a liquid fertilizer drink twice a month (something like Seasol will do the trick) in the growing summer months and with a little extra fertilizer (those little balls) twice a year - we swear by Langley's Troforte pots and CRF plants. Then watch your forest capture.

4. Position

Obviously, position is important when installing light, but there are other considerations when deciding where your new home plants will live — adjustable, humidity and temperature. Almost all plants will lose structure if you store them in front of a heater or air-conditioning unit. The air is very hot or very cold, not to mention very dry - remember that most indoor plants come from tropical areas - so be kind to your plants and keep them a few meters away.

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