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What is the role of SMO in SEO?

Before delving into the sea of Social Media, it is important to understand what kind of Social Media Optimization (SMO) services comes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services. What kind of social media platforms can be used for the best SMO services in India? Does this SMO also include bookmarking sites like Reddit and other blogging websites? In this article, we will help you identify what are the practices that are followed by the best SEO Company in India to take advantage of SMO in SEO.

Role of link building in Social Media

With platforms like Instagram and Facebook following strict rules against spamming followed by various people, it becomes important that you do not do any such thing. You can optimize your page and leave your website link there, or otherwise send direct messages to the people whom you think as your prospect. Your social media activity will lead to creating awareness about your brand and may enforce people to follow your link.

But remember, Google has become smart, it now prefer quality over quantity. So if you have quality in your content and are shared, liked, and followed by genuine people, it will automatically help you get better placed in SEO. Further don’t just make an account in Social Media, for the sake of link building. Make it so that people open that link and visit your account.

Role of followers in Social platforms in your SEO

Social media offers a great opportunity to increase your followers. It is these followers that give your website credibility. Whether you have a new blog post or have to launch a new product, having a social presence helps you drive people to your engagement with the content, generate shares, likes and new follows. Thus increasing your website page views and time spent on the website.

Improving Rank with the SMO

Yes, you read it right. With Google giving more authority to the websites with a good social presence, you can impact your ranking. The more the number of followers, the more is the authority of your website. Besides, your followers may increase the visitor inflow to the website and thus increasing the time spent on your website. Thus, work on increasing your social following.

You can bank on the affordable SMO Company in India for the best ROI and to increase your social presence. In this way, you won’t need any other SEO company in India and would be able to with the affordable SEO services.

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