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The Importance Thing of Texture Interior Design

One of the most common mistakes people make when planning their interior is to ignore the importance of texture. It can add a strong but subtle size to your space and should be carefully considered as your color palette and patterns.

Here is Few Steps Given Below :-

1. Every place has a design, the way you use it and the choice of texture that can determine how your space will feel. Smooth, glossy paintings reflect more light to create a cooler view, the softer texture draws more light that conveys the feeling of warmth. The McKenzie & Willis Interior Design team was able to achieve both emotions in the program.

2. The use of carpet, Saporini Tivoli sofas and wool thrush in the living room looks warm and cozy while polished concrete, a Bonaldo Octa glass table and Calligaris Parisiene dining chairs in the back create a cool, simple dining room with great feel. of space created by the reflection of light. Here You Can Visit : COLORING IN INTERIOR DESIGN .

3. When choosing a monochromatic system it is very important to introduce a different texture. You run the risk of creating an uncluttered space that can make your room boring and prevent your house from looking like a home. Mulberry Dress Circle fabric used for cushions paired with deer skin toss violates the natural black color scheme used.

4. When looking to add texture by looking back think about what you already have and look for a different area to create the required depth and texture.

5. The most important test points to consider in terms of texture are; bright light - will a light sink or a polished wood floor reflect the light you want in your space? What practical and effective features of the technique do you want to use? Scale - what look will cover your sofa with corduroy fabric against linen fabric to create? Lastly, the suitability of the texture in your space and its use.

6. Texture is the key to any successful interior design. While color, pattern and scale are important, a room with no text contrast is simply boring. One of the great joys of working with texture is that it should not only attract the eye, but also touch.

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