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Do you think your home is too small? Having a well-designed space is important to feel at home in the surroundings, but more importantly to consider when looking for inspiration for ideas for decorating a small room.

​How to trick the eye into making the room look wider? How many simple decorative items, too many? Decorating an area with limited square footage is difficult, but with compact apartments and small houses interior from more recent times, there are irrational strategies to give space space no matter how small.

Thinking of ideas for decorating a small room, we ask our designers to share their expertise in developing spaces on the small side so you can create a well-balanced, modern, functional and attractive room. From the common mistakes you should avoid, to the ideas for making a small room look bigger, we have ideas for decorating an important small covered room to expand your space.

Don't be shy

Don’t be shy to think big and play with various scales. Everything should not be small. No matter how big it is, any room needs a variety of scales to keep the eye moving and happy.

Stick to the Short Color Pallet

Since you will not be able to have conflicting decorative pieces, combine everything with a quiet monochrome palette or a short set of cozy tones while remembering to try texture and pattern, with ideas for decorating a small room that may. make your little place live.

Start From the bottom

A common mistake is to place a small interior design in the middle of a small room as the small rugs feel inadequate in any living space and will make the room look too small and just closed.

Stay True to Your Style

Because your space is limited, there is no need to sacrifice your personal style to meet your needs and the room you have to work with. The trick is to put pieces that reflect your personality and interests as you would in a large space.

Keep Stable

When considering small room decorating ideas, we suggest that you get closer to what you put in your house similar to what you put in your closet. Stop buying too much and try not to buy jewelry if you are not sure where to put it immediately. Everything should be functional and capable of performing duplicate tasks and multi-purpose - if possible.

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