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Interior Design Tips For Living Your Living Room

Now that 2020 is really behind us, make 2021 the year you renew the interior design of your house.

Here are the 4 interior design tips courtesy of the Emotions Interior By Design team that will keep you ahead of the game when it comes to the hot interior styles of 2021:

Top 4 Tips Interior Design

1. Go Find Color

Now, you could say 'color' is not a habit - but it is. That is because we are still in the midst of a very white madness, but the color returns in the same way that it ruled in the 60s to 80s.

Perfect examples of trendy colors are terracotta or bright orange, because while the white ethos was minimalism and calm, the combination of dark and bright color conveys casual relaxation. Hire Best Interior Designers In Gorakhpur

2. Back to Nature

If you stick to the idea of ​​playing with color, then green seagrass may be right for you - and it leads well to the next trend of 2021 - nature.

The theme ‘go back to nature’ has been strong for a while but is getting stronger. We are talking about the clear influence of Scandi here, with the appearance of natural light, simple designs and a completely natural look, such as solid and distinct finishes of wood.

3. Welcome to Love

And not just any old-fashioned romanticism - the ultra-contemporary form of romanticism is on its way to 2021.

It’s all about soft, kind and friendly rather than more, which combines interesting textures, rustic designs and deep tones of immediate moments.


4. Avoid Technology

As we move deeper into the 21st century, technology, globalism and communication become part of our daily lives. So as we enter 202021, the clear emerging trend of the interior design is that there should be somewhere in the home where we can escape - a nook or hiding place, or a quiet place to read a book.

So while smart phones and tablets may be included, that doesn't mean that Jonas' modest but attractive bookcase is out!

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