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Interior Design Styles: What Patterns To Use This Spring

As we prepare for Spring, we talked about what materials to use and which colors to use. And in order to keep up with the latest trends in interior design, you should also know what patterns to use for your home decor this Spring.


Black and white is an old color combination that makes any room sophisticated, timeless and beautiful. From horizontal lines to clear floor tiles, black and white lines make a huge comeback this spring. Looking for best Interior Design Pattrens in Gorakhpur.

If you choose to introduce black and white strokes to your home a little bit, you can only add this pattern to your rug or artwork, pairing it with a unique modern lamp. The one pictured is Delight full Turner floor lamp. The final look will take your house to another level.


Butterflies are a big trend this spring. These ephemeral creatures bring a mythical touch to everything from fabrics to fashion. Therefore, the butterfly is no longer in the children's rooms.

Butterflies can also add an innocent drama to your home decor. In this bedroom stunning chandelier embraces the wild side of this unusual animal, and its soft metal butterflies fly in the air in perfect harmony creating a stunning silhouette.


The most important thing to remember when using geometric patterns is that you use them to match your design, so play with the shape of your patterns and colors until you feel like a home decoration.


Combined patterns first appeared in New York Fashion Week and is a trend that will be even more appealing in home decor this spring. So don’t be afraid to use patterns to make pop.

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